Change is comin’

Last night I had a very grown-up dinner with my suddenly very grown-up Miles. We ate at Eat ‘n’ Park and he came up to the salad bar with me to keep me company. We chit-chatted about school and he also spent time reading his new library book, a dictionary of reptiles and amphibians. It was a very pleasant dinner with a cute and charming companion.

Time was we couldn’t go to a restaurant at all with Miles — for years. He couldn’t sit still, he was bored, he was noisy. Our first Christmas as a new family ¬†we went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Montclair. I was thrilled to be alone because we had been inundated with guests (including my brother’s dog!) for the first four weeks of Miles’s life. Anyway, we happily ate sushi in the nearly empty restaurant and even then Miles was not content to sit still in his little baby seat as most babies are — he wiggled and squirmed until we took him out and cuddled him.

This was nine years ago.