Some cute stuff

Danny says, “Won Ton soup is the goodest soup there ever was!”

He also told me, “Your heart is the most important thing in your body — it keeps your life, it keeps your love, it keeps your blood. It’s really important! It keeps you alive.”

And I’m wondering how and when Miles developed an interest in acid jazz. We were listening to the internet radio the other night and he says, “Do you mind if I put on some jazz?” Um, no. Sure enough, there is an acid jazz station he likes. I’ve hoped that they would develop their own eclectic taste in music but I didn’t imagine it happening at age nine (and without my influence).

On being taken for granted

On weekday mornings I take a certain pride in packing healthy lunches for the boys and try not to repeat anything day to day (although there are repeats within the week itself). The boys are usually eating their cereal during this time and mostly ignore me.
Today I was stuck in bed with a head cold and Michael took over the morning duties. I was tickled that both kids had to make pilgrimages to my bed, despite strict insturctions to “let Mommy sleep.” It seems like they really do depend on seeing me in the mornings and want my company. I guess that is as it should be at their age, but it still makes me smile.