Spider Killer

I’m home late (from drinking wine with old pal Anna Kiss at Rockefeller’s, good fun) and had a few things to attend to on the computer before bed. It’s 11:30 and I hear rustling around from upstairs where the boys sleep. I decided to wait it out and, sure enough, Danny came downstairs, looking wide awake, and said, “We have to get Dad.”

“Why? What’s going on?” I asked him. Turns out there is a spider web with A SPIDER IN IT in the bathroom. I tell him I don’t want to wake up dad and can’t this wait until the morning? No. No way.

I decided to be brave (not being a big fan of spiders myself) and even though “it was a sight nobody should have to see” Danny agreed to be brave with me. Got a huge wad of toilet paper to capture the thing and threw it in the toilet, only to find that the wretched thing was crawling on the floor. The second huge wad did the trick and I tucked in my boy. All in all, an extremely satisfactory end to a pleasant evening.

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