Day 6 – I Still Love NY

We hate the country and were happy to be on the road to NYC lol

When last we were convened, I wrote all about traveling to Maryland to meet my new sister IRL. Day Six of my big road trip saw us headed north to NYC, the whole reason young D had any interest in coming along with me. I lived and worked in and around New York City from 1987 to 2002 and it felt great to go back.

Some swanky shop on Bleecker

We got an earlyish start and made our way north through Delaware and New Jersey. I headed straight into the city and will say that the advent of EZ Pass has made bridge-and-tunnel crossings way easier. I spent my time thinking about where to park and where to go since he was so pumped about being in New York — and I came up with a perfect plan!

I booked a space in a lot on University Place, just north of Washington Square Park. Once we were parked, we took off walking down 5th Avenue and Danny said, “do you know where you are right now?” and I said, “I know *exactly* where I am” and it felt GREAT.

(My first sublet in NY was in Soho, and later had an apartment on Thompson Street with my then-boyfriend/future ex-husband Bob. He worked as a carpenter and we spent a lot of time running around downtown.)

John’s Pizza

My lunch destination was John’s Pizza on Bleecker Street, a place that had changed gratifyingly little since I was there last.

We walked over to visit the Stonewall Inn which is all touristy.

And it was hot and I was getting tired so we stopped at an air-conditioned bar with a friendly businessman who got me up to date on how to get around town (best tip was an app that called a cab to you), a quirky Village bartender, and a wee bathroom.

Scotch & Soda

D found himself drawn into nice men’s clothing boutiques, where handsome young sales clerks would urge him to try on different clothes. He came home with this jacket (spoiled).

Then I drove to an Air BnB in Montclair that was not creepy at all.


That was Day 6.

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