Reasons Why (You Should Vote for Democrats)

Even some besties who already know my story have asked — what are you trying to accomplish? What do you want to have happen?

And my answer is two-fold.

I want to own my story and would love to get answers. What I hope to illustrate here is some of the fine work we did with DuPage for Progress and York for Progress. It seems like the many accomplishments we enjoyed have been “disappeared” from the narrative whether intentionally or not.

And secondly, I’d like to see some accountability. As a lifelong Democrat, it upsets me no end that of all the many places I’ve worked and volunteered over the years, never have I been treated so poorly as I have been by those in leadership at the York Township Democrats and the DuPage County Democratic Party.

It’s not right. The kind of pettiness I suspect is happening behind the scenes does nothing to elect more Democrats and no doubt scares off future volunteers and candidates. I want Democrats to be in leadership positions all over our community since they reflect my own values. The current Democratic Party platform includes such vital initiatives as combating the climate crisis, providing a word class education in every zip code, and achieving universal, quality, affordable healthcare. And we can talk about the urgency of protecting reproductive justice and abortion rights and protecting the integrity of our elections some other time — but again, only the Democrats will do that.

Instead, I remain terribly frustrated. Despite my best efforts to go through proper channels and act professionally, my concerns have not been acknowledged, never mind addressed. Indeed the perpetrators continue to enjoy their high status in DPDC leadership.

And so I write.

Door knocking in Villa Park with Andrela Hill, Democratic candidate for York Township Clerk, in January 2021


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