Some December-y updates

A few notable things have happened in the last 24 hours and rather than just posting them to Facebook (as I have already done) to amuse my friends there only to be lost, more or less, forever, I thought I’d put them here, too. Perhaps this will help me get this blog rolling for sure.

First of all, I finally finished the Skully!

Michael has been wanting this sweater for years — in fact, I think he wanted me to learn how to knit so that I could make it for him. I thought it was kind of silly-looking and resisted making it for a while longer but finally decided that I love him so much that I could be bothered to make it after all (sappy and selfish, that’s me!). I started it last fall (that is, fall of 2009) thinking that I could get it finished by Christmas, and tried, I really tried! but had to give him a pile of knitted yarn instead. I was over it for the rest of the winter, and then it was so hot and then … and then … and then it was almost Christmas again! With lots of help from Peggy at Cast On Cafe I finished it last night and brought it home to Michael’s immense delight. I can’t believe it’s done! I love how much he loves it.

So, now I’m sick and I was yelling at the kids this morning because they were being distinctly unhelpful but then five minutes later Miles was pulling out Danny’s loose tooth and it was awfully cute. This was just the second tooth Danny has lost — the first one became loose and then fell out all in about five minutes at lunchtime at school so he didn’t have time to worry about it. This morning it was really bothering him and he didn’t feel like he could eat his cereal so I suggested that I pull it out and he agreed. My fingers were too big and Miles volunteered and a few seconds later, it was done! This is their re-enactment:

Finally, Danny was talking about something happening “a million years from now” and speculating that he would be a dad or a grandfather by then. I asked him how many children he’d have (four), how many boys and how many girls (three boys and a girl), and what their names would be. And the answer is Psycho, Pony (the girl), Point, and Rhino. I love that boy!