More fun facts about my new sis

I realized sometime during my visit with Cyndi that I was no longer technically the oldest child. I am now a middle child. I can tell you I don’t like that one bit.

Here are some random and hopefully interesting points of commonality:

  • We love books. We are avid readers and writers.
  • We are tall — 5’10” and 5’11”.
  • We both homeschooled our kids, at least for a spell.
  • Liberals
  • Music lovers
  • Interested in and competent at things like cooking and sewing and knitting
  • Married to big friendly bearded guys (although in truth a lot of my friends are lol)
  • Had kids in our mid-to-late thirties with the last one born at home
  • Lived in NYC at the same time
  • We are both hilarious
The area she lives is way too rural for my taste, but is legit beautiful.

On Friday we went to the little downtown to see fireworks but they were cancelled because they got wet. We just walked around and hung out instead which was better anyway. Danny ate his first crab in a dive bar. It’s a really pretty harbor town. There was live music in the gazebo.

This was Day 5.

Independence Day: When I Met the Sister I Never Knew I Had

This was our first Airbnb. It doesn’t look like much (these three views are basically it) but was comfortable enough — but also really bad-to-no Wifi which is never fun and especially not when traveling with a teenager.

But …. what was I doing there, in this place I never knew? Only, um…


But first, her tiny dog was really cute:

[There were a lot of dogs on this trip and I’ve forgotten this one’s name, but it was my second favorite dog. ]

Back to the story. The bare bones of it is that in March I got an email from someone named Cyndi who had recently discovered via genetic testing that her birth father was not the man she thought he was….

… and in fact seemed to be the same father as mine. Thank you, 23andMe (and it turns out, Cyndi’s own mad sleuthing skills).

So let that all sink in. I know!

Certainly there is a lot more to say on the subject. Stuff that will be said!

But now just know that we talked about whether people would think we were sisters if they saw us together. My boy said: “Oh totally. Your height and your hair. You talk like you’ve known each other all your lives.”

So, that was Fourth of July. And really the reason for this whole wonderful trip.

Sharing a love for books, beer and beaches (for real!). It makes me super happy.

Also, Danny and I really felt like city mice in rural MD, freaked out by all the flora and fauna. There was a peacock (!) on the property that we never saw but heard. And we came home to 4th of July fireworks and this strange dog running at us. Thankfully he was, as Danny put it, “just a big dumb Lab lumbering over.” Someone else’s teenage son had left it out by mistake.

A friendly dog, thank goodness

And then we had a bitter battle over Wifi. Words were had. This is me trying to cope without Wifi.

The Struggle! I’ll say right here that I spent almost all of my leisure/quiet time staring at my phone like a teenager. I did manage to finish one of those books, A Gentleman Never Keeps Score, and it was excellent.

It all worked out and we went to bed friends. That was Day 4.